Device Apps

We have experience in developing the applications on various device based operating systems like WinCE, Android, iOS. We have also developed the drivers for Mod bus, CAN bus and worked with serial port on WinCE.

Web Based Application Development

We have developed the enterprise application for our customers which are on intranet and intranet. We also design and developed web sites for companies like VGold Pvt. Ltd. We use open source technologies and we have the expertise in jQuery and responsive designs.

Client-Server Application Development

Our clients are using the desktop applications developed and maintained by us. These applications are for their internal business support and analysis.

Development Tools

We have the team divided into three technologies i.e. Android, WinCE and iOS. We use XCode on Mac OS and Android SDK on Ubunto for smart phone and tablet application development. We also works on the open source tools like Apache Flex together with Flash Builder for various device apps. We have the exprtiese in Jquery and HTML5 with responsive design.

Mobile & Device Apps

  • Simple Planning

    AS Aufzüge AG

    iOS | Objective C

  • Tanner Pumpen

    Tanner Pumpen AG

    Android & iOS | Flex

  • Menu System Pro

    Menu System AG

    iOS | Objective C


Web Applications

  • AFS Questionnaire Management & Online Evaluation


    Responsive Design | .NET


    Qualicert AG

    Responsive Design | .NET

  • Zaldiar Presentation


    Responsive Design | Jquery Mobile


Applink Digital Image Package (ADIP)

This is our service offered to various customers. In this service we provide specially designed images for each festival throughout the year. These images can be used by our client to post on their web site, email to their customers or send via any social networking web site or app from phone. It is a way to advertise your business with sending the best regards to your customer. It's another way keep your customer updated and try to be there all the time to avail your services.

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Applink Classified Viewer(ACV)


A new information distribution media to users like Bank, Hospitals, Training Institutions or any organizations who have couple of branches spread over the distance. ACV is the most Effective, Efficient and Economic media for digital information distribution and display. The media can be used to display advertisements in common premises like Multi-Screen theater, Beauty parlors and spa, Shopping Mall, Clinic and pathology labs or Hospital waiting passages and so many places


The ACV is an LED display of 32 inch. We have added a piece of hardware & some chunks of software inside this LED. Doing so we have eliminated the need for CD/DVD player or computer to display the advertisement on such LEDs. Also we have overcome the power consummation, cabling problems on locations and give possibilities for remotely control and update of advertisement.



We would say it as new age of digital signage system.

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  • Various options of screen sizes in both orientations.
  • Centralized control over all displays.
  • Easy installation and hassle free connection.
  • Different formats supported like Images, Videos etc.
  • HTML5 text and marquee text is also supported.
  • Low power consumption and zero maintains.
  • Easy ON/OFF. No need of any technician on field.
  • Free upgrade to next versions.
  • Completely with Open Source Technologies so no license required.